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When Baking Creates Magic

Updated: May 13

I can't remember when my first ever bake was, but I remember when baked treats began to make such an impression on me - and it always seemed to be in the context of family.

I remember licking the bowl at 6 years old when my mom would make a quick out-of-the-box cake. I remember standing in a chair at the counter while my mom let me hold the hand mixer, smelling that lovely raw vanilla batter waft up. I remember whipping the heavy cream and adding just a touch of sweetness with powdered sugar.

But it was in one of my visits to Southwest Germany as a child where baking magic became more real to me. We visited my mom's aunt's house in the countryside - Tante Maria made the most heavenly pies and cakes, and I cannot forget to this day the taste and lovely softness of her raspberry torte. That soft crumbly butter crust and streusal, paired with the sharply tart/sweet raspberries - I could just eat that everyday.

I believe that yummily crafted confection left a strong mark on my heart and mind not only because it was delicious, but because of the cozy, family feel of Tante Maria's home and the overwhelming love and care she showed us. The two really go hand in hand and make all the difference when enjoying a baked treat. Both amazing quality bake and amazing amount of love.

As I grew up I baked for mostly family holidays - traditional German cookies and cakes mostly, inspired by my German heritage. Vanilla Kipferln (vanilla/nut crescent moon cookies), apple cake, various tortes, cheesecakes and the like. And of course I would bake the odd batch of American chocolate chip cookies and brownies - solely to satisfy my dad's and my after-dinner cravings 😋 (honestly those are some of my favorite memories). It's always been extra special when I could make something tasty for close family members and we could bask in ooey gooey delightfulness together, licking chocolate off our plates and fingers.

Baking to me is the making of something beautiful, heartwarming, homey and tasty for the purpose of everyone's enjoyment and indulgence (yes, we all deserve to indulge once in a while). The mmmm's and yummm's are just music to my ears, and the smiles and pleasure I see on their faces lift my spirit. Of course now I'm extra critical of my bakes and keep taking mental notes for improvement, but my ultimate gratification is when someone is transported to delight-ville and for a moment feels that magic through all their senses and in their hearts.

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2 opmerkingen

Bob Selle
Bob Selle
05 jun. 2021

Fascinating how the emotional and the material intersect and influence each other -- as when the family feels love from home-baked goods, or when the baker finishes a confection with a healthy helping of joy, which the family then feels and is uplifted by!

Tanya Chandler
Tanya Chandler
05 jun. 2021
Reageren op

Absolutely! Thank you for your thoughts, I wholeheartedly agree!

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