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3 Reasons To Go To A Wedding Show (And Top Tips!)

So you've just gotten #engaged, it's a whirlwind of excitement! You're riding that wave of giddiness and the promise of an amazing new beginning with the one you love most - and then it's time to set the wedding date and figure out what seems like a mammoth task of planning your #wedding. Arguably one of the most special days in your life - no pressure! 

Some couples will choose to go big and wow their guests! And some will choose to go more intimate and cozy, perhaps even with family and friends pitching in (like I did). And there is so much in between! All ways are so beautiful and meaningful, and absolutely special to the couple and their families who just want to celebrate their love! So at least you can take that bit of the pressure off :) 

So you have the end goal in mind now - to have an amazing experience with the people you love and to hopefully have the best pictures (and videos!) to remember it all.

First thing's first then - find a #venue and set your date! 

If you already have an idea of a place you’d like to get married, I’d suggest asking if that venue hosts wedding shows or wedding fairs. I've showcased in several wedding shows now, primarily based in wedding venues, and here's why they can be a very helpful experience - and some extra tips to make it worth your while (especially in the cake department)!

  1. You get a tour of the venue while it’s all dressed up!

First of all, IT’S FREE!

Second of all, one way that I've seen couples find a venue and start their wedding to-do list is by going to a wedding show or fair. These can range from huge shows in an arena or similar place with a multitude of suppliers to smaller more condensed shows with a handpicked selection of suppliers.

These smaller shows are usually held at a wedding venue - and what better way to scope out venues than to check them out in their prime and pomp, and to meet other suppliers along the way!

2. You get to check out many local wedding suppliers at once - and can find and support small businesses!

I'm personally a fan of the smaller wedding shows, as these typically have local small business suppliers showcasing - and because it's nice and intimate, suppliers and couples are able to have more in-depth, one-to-one, relaxed conversations. 

#Weddingsuppliers range from photographers (often 2-3 photographers showcasing at once in the smaller shows), videographers, hair stylists, DJ’s, singers, dress and suit boutiques, decor stylists, florists, treat experiences like ice cream or crepe vans - and of course, cake makers (that's me!). 

It's amazing as a fellow supplier to continuously meet new people, often people like myself who have their own business - and it's a wonderful way to seek out local talent and services and to support them. Plus there is a special care and personalized service that small businesses offer, where you can feel like very close friends with them by the end of the experience!

3. Meet your cake maker face to face! 

You know when you can just tell within the first few seconds if you click together? It can be such an advantage to actually meet the cake maker in person, to see if you get on with them and if you vibe with their style and products. 

A Yummy Crumbs wedding cake table
Stifford Hall Wedding Show 2023

Also, you get free cake samples! Which is half the decision you will need to make about the kind of cake you want - do you even like the taste? What kind of flavours do they offer? You get an informed opinion right there on the spot!

Cake samples in a glass case
Strawberries and Cream Cake and Double Chocolate Cake Samples

Here are some important things you can discuss with your cake maker (and most suppliers) - be ready to answer these points if you can (and it's okay if you come to a show and you don't know any of the answers yet!):

  • When is your wedding date? (Once you know your date, it’s important to contact your preferred supplier ASAP to check if they have that date available)

  • What is your venue?

  • How many guests are you inviting (I usually recommend catering cake for at least 3/4 of your total number of guests, as not everyone will want to eat cake! I know, shocking right?)?

  • What are your ideas so far on the decor/style/colours for your wedding? 

  • If you have any inspiration pictures, share them on your phone and talk about what you love about them! (To start looking for inspo pics of the kind of wedding cake you might like, browse and save them on a Pinterest board or bookmark on Google.)

The above all helps me as your cake maker to see right in the moment how much your cake might cost approximately. The key bit of information is knowing the number of guests (number of servings) you want to have, then I will know roughly how big the cake can be. I can then give you an idea right then and there what my base price is for the different styles of cake for that amount of servings. 

Meeting your cake maker in person is also a great opportunity to discuss many different options and alternatives - such as having a smaller cake combined with cupcakes, having a taller cake, having different sized tiers, options of biscuit favours, dessert tables, etc. Being face to face allows for the free flow of conversation where I can also answer any questions you may have.

Here are some good things to find out from your cake maker:

  • Do they deliver to your venue or potential area?

  • What is their style and products, and does it vibe with your ideas? (Ex: Do they use buttercream or fondant? Do they make sugar flowers or have alternative flowers/decorations? Do they make sugar models or unique designs? Where do they get their toppers made? Etc.)

  • Do you have a good rapport? Do they seem to understand your needs and vision?

  • Do they have offers? Check if they have any discounts or deals on at the moment.

  • Do they have props you can hire or purchase?

Any cake ideas or questions you have at all, just run it by us! We want to help you to make your unique ideas and dreams of your special cake a reality for your big day.

I hope this helps you in your wedding planning journey - if not just to help you get started! I know that booking your wedding cake is usually not quite at top of the to-do list, but it’s also best not to leave it too late, as we wedding cake makers tend to book our diaries far in advance. If you like what you see and taste at a wedding show, let us know your date and we can discuss a quote and booking!

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